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Steam Punk Clock Parts
Steampunk style clock parts used for art, fashion, decorative and non-functional pieces.
1 Dozen Brass Dial Key Hole Grommets Replacement Mantle Clock Parts
Avg Price: US$ 7.75
New Brass Key Hole Grommets 1 dozen pieces, Used on 8 day and 30 hour key wound movements.
EAN: 1699899000346

General Electric WB3X5699 Clock Knob Kit Model WB3X5699
Avg Price: US$ 8.74
Manufacturer Model # WB3X5699 Genuine Replacement Part General Electric item
EAN: 7336117847607

Brass Ball Spire Finial Grandfather Longcase
Avg Price: US$ 24.99
Height: 110mm M5 thread on base Ball Diameter: 50mm Weight approx 175g All sizes are approx
EAN: 3767864462296

Used Clock Parts
Avg Price: US$ 12.99
Vintage and used clock parts and assemblies for sale from individual sellers on eBay.

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