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Clocks Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks
Authentic German Black Forest cuckoo clocks with certificates of authenticity. Top quality.
Cuckoo Clock Black Forest House With Moving Figurines Beer Drinker and Mill Wheel
Avg Price: US$ 2599.99
Mechanical Regula movement from the marketleader SBS-FEINTECHNIK in the Black Forest/Germany. Night
EAN: 4032632501668

Adolf Herr Cuckoo Clock the Black Forest Hunter
Avg Price: US$ 1829.99
Typical Black Forest house with shingled roof, a chimney and attic windows.
EAN: 4260213892687

Villengen Hand Carved Black Forest Cuckoo Clock
Avg Price: US$ 219.99
Deeply detailed leaves and birds in a solid wooden case. Wooden dial, pendulum, and volume control.
EAN: 4250401802307

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