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Digital clocks are electronic or computer controlled clocks that display the time using numeric digits instead of a dial and hands.

While there are some clocks that use mechanical means to show numeric time, such as leaf clocks, most modern digital clocks render the digits using 7-segment LED or LCD displays.

Some vintage digital clocks also used nixie tubes in which a separate plate is used for each digit. See the steampunk section for examples.
Ganxin Multifunctional 2.3in 6 Digits LED Wall Clock
Avg Price: US$ 84.99
Countdown Up Digital Timer, 12/24 Hour Real Time Clock
UPC: 743401626584   EAN: 0743401626584

Vintage Steampunk Dieselpunk Red Nixie Tubes Clock Calendar Soviet Made During the Cold War Era
Avg Price: US$ 99.99
Custom clocks build from Soviet era nixie tubes (model IN-12). Tubes are brand new (tested) and come
UPC: 649070812009   EAN: 0649070812009

Backlit LCD Digital Clock Thermometer For Kids with Birthday Song Feature
Avg Price: US$ 16.00
Feature: 12/24H format. LCD displays surrounding temperature. Birthday song alarm feature.
EAN: 6695508577891

LCD Digital Alarm Clock With Date and Temperature Display
Avg Price: US$ 9.50
Big LCD screen, Super clear, Quiet, no radiation.
UPC: 600346289284   EAN: 0600346289284

Giant Digital Wall Clock 4in LED Count Down/Up Interval Timer Stopwatch Remote Control
Avg Price: US$ 249.99
Extra Large 4in LED Count Down/Up/Interval Timer. You can also store up to 8 programs for easy reca
UPC: 850766005401   EAN: 0850766005401

Digital Cube Alarm Clock Thermometer Wooden LED - In multiple colors
Avg Price: US$ 30.99
Eco-fashion appearance and material. Safe wooden material. Adjustable brightness.
UPC: 758330042923   EAN: 0758330042923

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