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Pendulum clocks use a swinging weight to drive the clock via gravity and spring power. Modern battery clocks sometimes have a simulated pendulum driving by the battery and mechanical means.
London Round Brass Pendulum Wall Clock Black Crackled Face
Avg Price: US$ 108.00
Laminated Clock Face With A Weathered, Crackled Look. Requires 1-AA Battery.
UPC: 634894610450   EAN: 0634894610450

23 Inch Tall Concise Modern Pendulum Wall Clock Natural Hardwood Convex Crystal Frame Door Pendulum CL
Avg Price: US$ 198.00
Splendid design and perfect in any room. Concise modern pendulum wall clock.
UPC: 709260518743   EAN: 0709260518743

Giftgarden Unique Deck Clock With Pendulum Angel Figurine House Clocks
Avg Price: US$ 19.99
Bedside table clock, easy to use, easy to read dial, perfect for kids or seniors.
EAN: 6780496975641

Allen Designs Free Flying Butterfly Pendulum Clock
Avg Price: US$ 66.00
Hand painted butterfly "free flying" pendulum clock with a flower as the pendulum, and leaf hands.
UPC: 720322280590   EAN: 0720322280590

Allen Designs Woah Horse Pendulum Clock
Avg Price: US$ 64.00
Horse pndulum clock with a horseshoe as the pendulum.
UPC: 720322280583   EAN: 0720322280583

Night Owl Pendulum Wall Clock
Avg Price: US$ 47.99
Owl pendulum clock with moth pendulum. An original design on wood.
UPC: 885339190307   EAN: 0885339190307

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