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Parts and Accessories Steam Punk Clock Parts
Steampunk parts are used for altered art, fashion, and jewelry projects. They are generally made of brass, copper, glass, leather or iron. They are used to create items that represent vintage technology or fictional future/modern technology that might has developed from outmoded technologies such as steam engines.

Steampunk sculpture art and jewelry tend to be a mix of items chosen solely for their appearance rather than any sort of function. Steampunk clothing or watches often mix form and function.
Shungho 100g Approx 70pcs Assorted Antique Bronze Finish Steampunk Parts
Avg Price: US$ 6.99
Gears for charms, crafting, jewelry making, scrapbooking project, necklaces, pendants, altered art p
EAN: 6011879214515

20pcs Antiqued Bronze Charm Lot Mix
Avg Price: US$ 8.99
20 charms for all your craft or jewelry making needs. A good variety of shapes and sizes.
UPC: 745750809274   EAN: 0745750809274

50pcs Steam Punk Gears Cog Parts
Avg Price: US$ 5.09
Arts and Crafts pieces. Assorted cogs and gears for Altered Art, Charms, Pendants,etc. Lead Free.
UPC: 672050498641   EAN: 0672050498641

Aoyoho 100 Gram Assorted Antique Steampunk Gears Charms Pendant Clock Watch Wheel Gear For Crafting Jewelry Making Accessory Cop
Avg Price: US$ 6.59
Antique steampunk gear charms.
UPC: 758910501970   EAN: 0758910501970

Set Of 8 Steampunk Clock Dresser Drawer Cabinet Knobs
Avg Price: US$ 21.99
1.5in in Diameter, includes 1.25in screws.
UPC: 642968071915   EAN: 0642968071915

Steampunk Grandfather Clock 11 Ounce Ceramic Coffee Mug Tea Cup
Avg Price: US$ 13.95
Printed clock images on ceramic mug.
EAN: 6430454692355

New Steampunk Parts Lots
Avg Price: US$ 8.99
New lots of gears, cogs, clock faces, movements, trim, cases, etc. Photo is an example listing.

Vintage Steampunk Parts Lots
Avg Price: US$ 9.99
Vintage gears, movements, trim, cases, etc. Photo is an example of a lot.

Incandescent Filament Displays
Avg Price: US$ 16.99
Vacuum incandescent filament numeric displays for computer and clock projects.

Vintage Nixie Displays
Nixie Tubes are vacuum tube style cold cathode displays filled with neon or other gas mixtures.

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